Welcome to Kendal Bowmen - a friendly archery club for all

Whether you shoot longbow, recurve or compound, if you are a social archer or seriously competitive, Kendal Bowmen has something for everyone. Since 1972 our friendly club has offered both target and field course facilities to its members and competitions throughout the year.

Kendal Bowmen - A Community Specialists Club

Kendal Bowmen has been recognised as an OnTarget Community specialism club.

We encourage the local community to participate in the sport of archery by consistently working towards providing opportunities for as many people as possible to have easy access to the sport and to our club.

Our club is a place where people can feel welcome and can enjoy a high quality archery experience with excellent social, training and competition opportunities.

Beginners Courses

If you wish to join the Kendal Bowmen Archery Club, you will need to first attend a beginners course.

Having successfully completed a beginners course, you have the opportunity to join our club, although there is no obligation.

We are a very sociable club and you will feel very welcomed with our club coaches and members continuing to help you improve.

More information can be found here.

Results from our shoots


6 - 7 April 2019
Kendal Bowmen Open (Arrowhead) Tournament Results


17 March 2019
Kendal Bowmen's Annual Longbow Shoot Results


17 February 2019
Kendal Bowmen's Indoor Portsmouth


13-14 October 2018
Kendal Bowmen's Field Tournament Results 


29-30 September 2018
Kendal Bowmen's Annual Clout Competition Results


18 March 2018
Kendal Bowmen's Annual Longbow Shoot Results


18 February 2018
Kendal Bowmen's Indoor Portsmouth



Sunday 8 September 2019
Kendal Bowmen 48th Annual Open Invitation Shoot


Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 September 2019
Kendal Bowmen Two Day Clout


Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 October 2019
Kendal Bowmen WA 3D Field Shoot

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