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This page describes how Kendal Bowmen collect and use information you provide when using our website

The term 'Kendal Bowmen' or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owners of the website. The term 'you' or 'your' refers to the user or viewer of our website.

What data we don't collect or use.

Our website is intended to only provide information about our club. We do not share any information collected from the use of our website, with any other organizations. Our website is not used for managing or maintaining a membership and is not used for managing or maintaining a mailing list.

Our website does not request any personal information and does not store any personal data.

Our website does not use cookies. Should you wish to ensure that no cookies are used to collect your personal data when using our website, you can disable the use of cookies in your web browser's settings.

Our website does not use any 3rd party advertisements.

What data we do collect or use.

Our website provides email addresses as a means of communication with our club. Any emails sent are not encrypted and we advise that you only send personal data that you are willing to provide in an email. If you wish to have any previously sent email(s) deleted, please email the recipient of the email(s) to make this request.

Our website contains photos that you may be present in. If there is a photo which you are visible in and you wish for it to be removed, please email our web-master with a description of the photo and it will be removed.

Our website contains information of club member tournament score records, which only show a name and the score achieved. If you have such a record on our website and wish to exercise your right to be forgotten, please email our web-master with the relevant name and category and we will anonymise the information so your name does not feature.

Our website contains links to 3rd party websites, which are provided for convenience only. We have no control over the contents of any 3rd party website(s) so if you follow a link from our website to that of a 3rd party, please ensure you ready the site's own privacy policy in full.

Any use of communication through our social media accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of use as well as the privacy policy held with the social media platform respectively.

Please click here to read our website terms and conditions of use.
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