Club shooting venues


You must be a member of a Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) affiliated club to attend a club shoot. To join a GNAS affiliated club, you must first complete a beginners course.

Outdoor Archery (Weekdays - April to October | Sundays - All Year)

* Free to members
* Shooting alone is not permitted due to insurance cover so be sure that you are on the line with another member of the club.

Cricket Club, Shap Road, Kendal, LA9 6BZ

Wednesday and Friday - 6.30pm till dark
All year on Sunday from 10am till 12pm

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Indoor Archery (October to April)

Kendal Parish Church Hall, Kirkland, Kendal, LA9 5AF

Thursday and Friday - 7:00pm till 9:00pm

Cost - £3 adults and £2 juniors

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Field Shooting

Please contact us for more details of field shooting location, dates and times.

- This can be shot at any time so no need to pre book, but as with the cricket club attendance records must be kept. Let Tony know that you are going by texting 07815454953. You won’t get a reply, this is so that we can keep a record for test and trace should this ever be needed.

- Shooting in single person details and 2 m distance from each other at all times applies. You can shoot on your own at the woods but must take sensible precautions for your own safety and exercise common sense.

- Bring your own hand sanitiser and use it after touching things!

- A loop course of 12 targets has been setup. In order not to be confused with any future competition courses the numbers are pink on a white board, and pegs are pink.

- If parking at the lay-by, start on target 1.

- If parking on the house drive (be sure not to block it or park on the grass), start at target 4.

- If parking at the bottom and walking up the track (the bottom gate is always locked), start at target 10.

- If you want a shorter course, go straight down the path to 10 after shooting number 6.

- Each target has 2 pegs, these show as blank for those wanting unmarked distances, but the distance is marked on the reverse in metres for those needing to know. The course is set so that you could choose to shoot greater or shorter distances but you must always do so in the same shooting line.

- Targets must be covered after use, please take care to properly cover the paper faces.

- Direction arrows can be found on top of the bosses.

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